The Tarot Guide – The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

If you want to know more about tarot card readings and Major Arcana cards, you must know first about The Fool because this is the most important card in this set. One should be aware of tarot card reading before understanding the fool tarrot card. Check out for clarifications. A major portion of Major Arcana set is actually the story of The Fool. The word “fool” has been used to show ignorance rather than foolishness. So, The Fool is not experienced and unlike the other Major Arcana cards, it represents the individual for whom the reading is meant. Each of us will experience The Fool at some point in this lifetime. The Fool embarks on a new journey without any baggage; his spirit is seeking experience.

What Are The Fool Tarot Card Meanings?

This card in a Past position may represent a time-period in the past during which you could have possibly taken some other route and landed up somewhere different from where you are currently. Alternately, this card could also signify that you have put certain things into motion already and these will carve out a new route for you.

The Fool in a present position suggests that the individual could perhaps abandon something, or he could be looking for newer avenues and keen to start a new stage of life. So, you will probably feel like you are about to embark on a new journey.

The Fool card in a future position denotes a journey in the future. This does not mean a literal journey where you pack up your stuff and travel but a spiritual journey where you look for new goals and desires.

  • Education/Work: This card signifies the start of new field and new journeys; it could suggest a change in direction or career, or taking up a new interest.
  • Romance: The card suggests that you have probably guessed that a new relationship is brewing. Alternatively it could indicate that your existing relationship is going to take a sudden turn.
  • Friends: In regard to friendship this tarot card may suggest that you will reach out to some new friends or even get to know your existing friends slightly more.
  • Money: The Fool Card represents a good sign suggesting that you could get a new project or job that will turn out to be successful or offer you a positive experience.
  • Health: The Fool is healthy because he has to make an entire journey; he will not let anything come in the way of his path to knowledge.
  • Spirituality: This card may indicate the search for the right spiritual or religious system which “feels right” to you.

So, The Fool card is basically the symbolical expression of the “beginner’s mind”. The card is in the quest for new experiences and meaning. The Fool has all that he needs to make this journey and this will take him through all the Major Arcana cards one by one. In reverse this card may force a feeling of being prevented from doing something. For instance, you may experience a writer’s block. It could also indicate recklessness or amateurish behavior when you pursue a new venture. While we all have ideas it is actions which ensure that the ideas materialize.